Earth Hour – The Singing Lady

It is 21:00 ,the Earth’s Hour , and I start feeling guilty for using electricity ,so I put my shorts on and go outside .I don’t have any destination so I start walking along the sea,quickly the cold breeze pushes me to start running .

After some good minutes I find myself running through a dark forest ,well not dark because the sky is full with shining stars , so shiny that it felt like the ceiling of a huge ballroom .I start thinking about how many people went through this forest during the last thousands of years  and also felt awe and wonder ,looking at the ceiling of the world.

The birds we’re singing but soon I realised that they were not the only ones ,a silhouette with a shiny dress and long hair  was standing in front of the beach shore performing “My Favourite Things”  ,  her voice was synced with the environment , in a way that it felt mystical  . I was curious about who she could be but  I didn’t want to break the mystery ,so I continued running .

Great initiative for the Earth Hour ,an hour not only for the planet itself but also for ourselves ,to remember our fragile and beautiful condition .


Damn , I forgot my lamp on .


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